Although the invention of the zipper dates back to a hundred years ago, it’s being used widespreadly in ready made clothing sector from 1950’s. Nearly 50 years from these days zipper accompanied many products in our life, not only ready-made area but also from bags to shoes, from armchairs to decorative goods. And now zipper is carrying on it’s adventure by increasing it’s variety with latest technological possibilites.Enis Zipper, who met this adventure in 1970 by selling zipper and every kind of ready-made material, began zipper production in 1992. Enis Zipper can carry out all kind of zipper production including two-way systems with it’s experience and modern machinery, equipped with latest technology.
Enis Zipper
Either because of it’s skill in using the latest technology
or it’s innovative view on following the latest developments in fashion, Enis Zipper achieves being one of the leaders in it’s sector. Main principle of Enis Zipper is to convey the highest possible quality at the lowest possible cost to exporter textile sector and the manufacturers in it’s country.All zippers in Enis Zipper, are produced with consideration to the appropriateness to international standarts, attentive quality inspection from tape weaving to the product before delivering to our customers. It produces zippers with it’s narrow weaving structure in it’s plant, high pressure system dyeing plant, ironing and oxidation units. In it’s integrated foundation, expert technical staff are working under control of the experienced mechanical and chemical engineers.

Our factory is sensitive to environment and is equiped with the latest technological water filtration and pollution preventation systems. Besides one of the most important principles of Enis Zipper is not employing child labor with respect to the international standards.

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