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Although the invention of the zipper dates back to a hundred years ago, it’s being used widespreadly in ready made clothing sector from 1950’s. Nearly 50 years from these days zipper accompanied many products in our life, not only ready-made area but also from bags to shoes, from armchairs to decorative goods. And now zipper is carrying on it’s adventure by increasing it’s variety with latest technological possibilites. [READ MORE…]

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About Zipper

Strip It is the band on which the teeth are mounted.
Teeth They are metal or plastic parts which are intertwined or separated by the motion of the cursor, both sides of the strip.
Cursor It is a moving part that opens and closes interlocking teeth.
Handcuff It is the material that is attached to the crockery, held to open and close by hand.
TopStop When the zipper is completely closed, the cushion is the stop on the upper part adjacent to it.
Bottom Stop When the zipper is fully open, the stop is the lower part adjacent to the turf.


Things to pay attention

  • While determining the zipper type, it is essential to pay attention to fabric weight and thickness. Never use thin-end zippers for heavy-duty items.
  • Metal oxide zippers should not use metal oxide zippers in light-colored clothing that will wash and use light colored fabrics.
  • The use of hidden zippers, which are less resistant to wear, is not recommended.
  • Special locked zippers are not preferred for baby and children’s wear.

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